How To Fuck College Sluts

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So you just got into college. Or maybe you’re passing by the local college campus. And there they are.

Young. Fresh. Some even in their teens. And you want to get a taste of them. They still look so young and innocent but horny and ready to fuck.

College sluts are the perfect fuck material for you. They got the right curves and booty to smash.

You see them walking around campus with their huge asses accentuated by their jeggings or yoga pants. Their big bouncy tits in their crop tops.

Their pussies even still got low miles. You got to get your dick inside these college pussies while they’re still wet and hot.

What’s better is that some are not even looking for something long-term. Just enough to satisfy their horniness and dick craving. Maybe a fuck buddy that can relieve their stress from time to time.

But what’s keeping you from fucking these hot college sluts?

Let’s say you’re an average-looking freshman astounded by these gorgeous juniors and seniors. What must a new guy like you do to score these college chicks?

What if you’re an older guy who wants to taste young college women? You know, get a taste of hot college teen sluts instead of boring old women you’re age who probably has been railed by hundreds of guys.

What if there’s a way that you can bend over these horny college babes and fuck them from behind? Without force or coercion and without even taking them out on dates.

It’s entirely possible. Jerks and bad boys have been doing it for a long time. Leaving us nice guys jerking off to porn.

But that isn’t the case anymore because we’ve uncovered the secret, the blueprint, to getting laid with hot college women.

College girls want sex. But they won’t just do it with anyone. Even if you’re not high status, you only need to be friendly. You need to have a place ready for sex, be it your dorm or apartment.

If you want more college hookups with big tits young college sluts, then this is for you.

How To Hookup With Horny College Babes

fucking horny college sluts

Meet college sluts.

If you want to fuck some college sluts, the first step is to meet them. There’s no other way around.

No one is going to hand you young college sluts for you to fuck. You need to exert some effort.

One of the best ways to meet these hot college women is to roam around campus. The campus is big. You’ll find a lot of hot college sluts everywhere.

You could even sit in one corner, and you’ll have hundreds of women pass you by.

Approach them, talk to them, get their numbers, and make them come to you.

Do you have a reliable way on how you can talk to women? If not, click the button below.

Gain experience

If you want to fuck hot college sluts, you need experience. Good thing it can easily be done… with average-looking college girls.

Why? They’re a much easier lay. And even if they reject you, there are thousands of horny college girls that you could try.

The point? You have to practice.

You need to know what switches to flip with college sluts. What makes them tick? What are their likes? How can you easily get them in bed?

You’ll learn a lot about them when you practice.

Talk to every college girl that you know. Make a move. Shoot your shot. If someone turned you down, then reassess why? That’s where you’ll learn the right moves.

When I started this journey about hooking up with college girls, my mistake was trying to work it out with only one girl.

You need to talk to many women. See what works with one and what doesn’t on another. Soon, you’ll find a pattern.

Use apps

Another way to meet young college sluts is to use apps. There are many hot college women in your area swiping left or right.

Upload good photos a short bio, and prepare a witty conversation starter.

Half of the work is almost done if you find these women in these apps.

 There’s a reason why they’re in there in the first place. They want to meet men. And if they want to meet men, they want some dick.

All you’ve got to do is provide them the dick.

Be friendly

You could be introverted, shy, anxious, or afraid of rejection, but you’ve got to be friendly. Be actually friendly. Make it a point that many people know you.

The point is to grow a network. Now you’ll have a pool of college sluts to choose from. Talk to many women, regardless of whether they’re your type or not.

You won’t just gain a network of friends. You’ll also practice your social skills.

If you’re cool and pass the vibe check, people will invite you wherever. They’ll ask you to parties, to hang out. Women will invite you to be a part of their activities.

Girls will introduce you to other girls. Men will pass down to you their used-up college sluts. They may even invite you out to threesomes.

Be chill and actually befriend people. It’ll open doors.

You don’t need to impress them.

Young college women are always looking for new experiences. But you don’t need to make a great effort to hook their attention.

Sometimes, all they need is someone to be there. Maybe you can be a friend and a fuck buddy.

Women’s eyes will always be drawn to those who have money, status, and looks. But you don’t need any to get them in bed. Just be something they’re looking for.

I slept with college women who were away from home. Their friends and family are far away, so I got to be the one for them.

I slept with college women that are so stressed with their studies. My dick gets to be their stress relief.

I slept with college women who have never gone to parties. I brought them to some.

If you want a safe approach, get some drinks with her. If she doesn’t drink, then coffee.

Know what women want. The college women that you’re talking to, what are they looking for? Be the guy that they’re looking for.

They’re curious.

If you’re into young college women, you should know that they don’t have that much experience in life and, of course, sex. Some of them even virgins.

And some, looking and wanting to experience things in bed. Be the guy that they share this with.

All you have to do is be at the right place at the right time. That’s why you’ve got to meet them, many of them. Approach them on campus, use apps, you can even use Facebook.

Once you’ve piqued their curiosity, you must slip in some teasing and flirtation, and she’ll be open for business.

I devirginized many college girls primarily just by “suggesting” that I’d be their first. No forcing, just talk. Ask if they ever “tried it out,” and if not, you could be the one they do it with. And they keep coming back because I’m a good teacher.

Have a place ready.

Everything falls into place when there’s a sex location ready for you to bring college sluts over.

Me? I got my car and apartment. You may live in a dorm, but it’s still manageable if you have a room.

Women are ok with it; bring or ask them to come over. Only to “hang out”. To chill.

Remember, sex won’t happen unless there’s a place where you can easily close. She wants no prying eyes that will see her as a slut.

So, if you’re in a dorm with a roommate, make a plan. If you have your place, good for you. Just ask them to come over and escalate from there.

Ease your way into her panties.

Remember when I told you that some of these girls are still virgins? And even if they aren’t, they’re still curious about other sex stuff.

So half of the work is done if she gets to your place. More than half. Around 80%. Unless you fuck it up.

It’s because she wants something to happen, so she’s there. You only have to be chill about it.

Maybe start by making out. Grope her titties. If you think she’s getting more into it, look at her and gesture that you want her to unzip your pants. Or maybe you do it while you make out with her.

She may start giving you a handjob. And then, when you stop making out with her, she may then give you a blowjob.

College sluts love feedback. So tell her how she makes you feel. Tell her how her mouth makes your dick feel good. She’ll like it.

Then go on from there. Undress and close the deal.

Do you know how to close?

These tips on how to fuck college sluts are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more about how you can close the deal with horny college girls and other women, then we’ve got the blueprint decoded here for you.

Wrap Up

For you to fuck college sluts, you have to meet them. Maybe you’re asking, “But how could I meet them?” They’re everywhere, and if you say there’s no one in your area, stop lying. Stop lying to yourself. Maybe you’re just afraid of talking to them.

This is why you have to make a move and shoot your shot. You have to talk to these college sluts. Be friendly, be flirty. They’ll be open to your advances.

And even if you get rejected or don’t find them attractive, still befriend them because they’ll be able to introduce you to other hot college girls.

You don’t need much to impress them. You have to be the man they want at the moment. This may sound sort of luck, but you need to be open to opportunities. That’s why you need to put your foot forward always.

Once you got these college sluts hooked, you got to close. You need to seal the deal. Get them to come over and smash their young college pussies.

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