How To Find A Fuck Buddy

how do people get a fuck buddy

Have you ever wished that you had a girl that you could easily booty call when you want to fuck or get a blowjob? They’re called fuck buddies.

I got my share of them. Pretty, hot, young, sexy women that I can easily call or text so that we can hookup. And no, they’re no girlfriends.

If you’re not ready for a relationship and all its commitments, then maybe this arrangement is for you.

What is a fuck buddy?

In this context, we’re going to talk about a female fuck buddy.

A fuck buddy is a woman you can casually have sex with from time to time without the burden of having a long-term relationship.

You can have all the sexual fun with her and not make her your girlfriend. No obligations or complexities of a committed relationship.

What is so great about a fuck buddy?

There are so many benefits when you have a fuck buddy. I remember getting lots and lots of road head from one fuck buddy of mine. She said all she needed was some dick, and I could provide that. But she doesn’t go with other guys and only finds me trustworthy.

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You get to have constant sex.

First of all, you get steady sex. You no longer need to ‘look’ for women to have sex with. Chat her up if she’s free. She could even be horny one night, and she’ll ask you to come over.

But those One-night stands and hookups take a lot more effort than maintaining your fuck buddy.

You get the girlfriend experience.

The best thing about having a fuck buddy is you can have the convenience of sex without committing to an exclusive relationship. You don’t have to take them out on dates.

You don’t need to do much outside the bedroom. You don’t need to make plans with them on the weekend or meet each other’s friends or family.

I’m saying you can definitely do those things, like watch movies, go out, or have dinner, but you’re not obligated to do it like in an exclusive relationship.

But it’s great if you take out your fuck buddy from time to time. Text them how they’re doing from time to time. They’ll appreciate it.

My college slut fuck buddy, she always takes me out to bars and events. I’m not really into going out, but she opened doors that I find amusing. It’s a good thing.

My married slut fuck buddy always likes to go to fancy hotels. I can’t afford it. Good thing she can. She always brings me to five-star places. I told her maybe this was too much. She says, “It’s okay, life’s too short, have fun.”

You can be flexible on what you want.

Often, in a relationship, you need to find a middle ground on many things. You need to compromise. Need in a fuck buddy relationship.

You have the freedom to maintain your independence and pursue your interests without having to prioritize a relationship.

You can do what you want, and she has no say about it.

The obvious middle ground is sex. If you guys both enjoy the sex, it doesn’t matter what your other interests are.

How do you get a fuck buddy?

Ask a girl to become my fuck buddy

You need to first meet women, lots of them.

You need to know how to sleep with women. How’s your game? How many women are you talking to? If you aren’t getting any, you need to return to the basics. It’s meeting lots and lots of women.

It doesn’t matter if they’re not your type. What do you think about older women? How about milfs? Don’t make any excuses. Talk to any woman you come across and get their details. You need to rack up the numbers saved on your phone.

Treat this as a numbers game first. You need to know how the game works.

Meet women. Then get them to hang out with you. After some time, turn the heat up the notch. Get flirty and be sexual. Now, get cozy with her.

It doesn’t matter where just somewhere private. In the car. In the parking lot. At her place, your place?

Make her see you as a sexual being.

She should see you not just as a guy that she could date but as a guy with whom she could have wild, animalistic sex. And also a guy she can fully trust and be comfortable with.

How do you do this?

Be a friend first. Nothing wrong with that. know about her wants and interests. How usually does her day go? Show her your sweet side. Text her, “Hey, I hope you’re not having a stressful day.”

But from time to time, show your naughty side. Not directly and overtly. Ask personal and sexual questions. “How many boyfriends have you had?” “Oh, so it’s been a while since you had one.” “By the way, I’m curious. Do you watch porn?”

Show her your charismatic and trustworthy side. But also your naughty and playboy side.

Close the deal.

By this time, you should have been texting or chatting for quite some time. 2 or 3 days. Now it’s time to have sex with her.

Meet up with her. You could hang out outside first, but it’s better if you suggest coming over.

If it’s been quite a while, women will also miss sex and getting touched. And if you’re there to provide it, she’ll want to have sex with you.

And if you’ve done your assignment and got to talk to her sexually. She might even try a few things with you. This will make her invest more in the relationship with you.

I even convinced a girl for her to be my fuck buddy through text alone. No dates. She found my honesty sincere. And that she’d like to try some things with me that she hasn’t with other guys.

I get sex. She gets sex. I get to fuck her free pussy. She gets to ride my hard cock. We all win.

Wrap Up

Way to find a fuck buddy

How do I usually get a fuck buddy?

  • I try to meet women anywhere, everywhere. Many beautiful women are surrounding you. Because if you don’t, other men will get those women to be their fuck buddies. You should have hundreds of numbers of women in your phone to be a potential fuck buddy.
  • Talk to them. Chat with them. Get to know them a little and discover what makes them tick. Taking them out and having a little fun building a connection is okay.
  • From time to time, let her know about your sexual side and that you’re a player. If she sticks with you, she wants your dick.
  • Close the deal. This will make her invested in having a fuck buddy relationship with you.
  • Make it fun. Treat her well, and she’ll treat you great.
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