How To Fuck Older Women

I don’t care how old you are. But I do know what you care about. How can you get a sweet taste of those cougars and older women in general?

When I was in my 20s, I wanted to fuck women in their 30s. When I was in my 30s, I wanted to fuck women in their 40s. The point is that you want to hook up with women 5 or 10 years older.

It’s not just that they’re older. It’s because they look so much better than women in their age. They’re so fuckable and hot that you wonder why they’re still single.

And even if they aren’t, you imagine how their partners bend them over and smash their pussies. It’s just so hot.

Here are some things that you need to know if you want to get it and hookup with horny older women.

How To Hook Up With Horny Older Women

They know your intention.

Older women, they’ve been around the block. They’ve had plenty of chats, dates, and sexual encounters with fellas.

So when you want to step into the picture, remember they know what you want. You want to get them out of their panties and hop on your dick.

But they’ve heard the lines, seen the tactics, and been on dates that didn’t quite pan out. It’s not that they’re closed off – it’s more like they want something more other than just a dick. They need someone with substance.

Don’t try to sugarcoat your intentions when you see a hot older woman. But you don’t want to appear aggressive or a horndog, either. Just be real, but be suave.

Show them you’re different, respectful, and genuinely interested. In which you can be even if you’re only after a hookup.

Be real. It sets you apart from the crowd.

They can sense inexperience.

These older gals? They can tell if you need to be more experienced. It’s not like they’re judging, but they’ve been through a bunch and can sniff it out.

As we said earlier, they know your intention. You want to fuck older women’s pussies. But how far can you get if you don’t have the right moves?

What can you do? Fuck other women. It doesn’t matter if she’s older or younger, or the same age as you. Just gain more experience with women.

Little by little, you’ll know what makes them tick. And hey, women can sniff out if you’ve also been with other women. And it’s a good sign for them. This one is called pre-selection.

Preselection is when a man becomes more attractive to women by being seen with or chosen by other women.

Essentially, it’s like a shortcut to appeal – when someone sees you’re already liked or chosen by other women, they might find you more appealing or desirable themselves.

It’s a social cue that implies approval or desirability, making you more enticing to potential romantic interests.

So, if you have more experience with other women, older women will pick up on it and give you a chance.

Avoid the age gap issue.

When you’re in your early twenties, eyeing a lady in her thirties, society might raise an eyebrow or two. That will be on her mind whenever she talks to you, even if they’re just after something casual.

Now, the key? Show your maturity despite the numbers.

Picture this: she’s been on countless awful dates with older man-children who barely make an effort.

But treating her right, with class? It’ll stand out big time.

During your time together, zip it about the age gap. Act chill, like it’s all cool and normal – you’re a guy on a date with a wonderful woman you fancy. Who cares what others think?

Eventually, she might bring up the age thing. No biggie. Admit it’s not the usual setup, but emphasize that you’re not one to settle for the norm.

“Let’s not make a big deal about the numbers. What matters is how we click, and I’m loving what I’m seeing here.”

Remember, if she’s considering taking things further, it’s because she sees you as a young gentleman, not just some kid. Confidence speaks volumes in this scenario.

Get your shit together.

This means more than just not being a man-child around older women.

It’s about being independent, emotionally mature, and having goals, all while keeping that fun and flirty vibe alive.

Being independent shows, you’ve got your life sorted, doing your thing without needing hand-holding.

Emotional maturity? That’s about dealing with feelings like a grown-up, being open, and understanding others.

And ambition? Letting her in on your plans and dreams shows you’ve got a direction in life.

Keep your fun side! Being playful and charming is still important. You can be responsible and have a blast at the same time.

You don’t have to tell her in detail all about your goals, dreams, and ambitions. Even the thought of you pursuing them will be great in her eyes.

It’s finding that sweet spot between maturity and keeping things light and enjoyable.

So communicate to her that you’ve got your shit together. You have your duties and responsibilities handled. But then also show her that you can handle her inside the bedroom.

Never stop pursuing.

This means maintaining her interest without being pushy or intrusive. It’s about keeping the connection alive without overwhelming her.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll be harassing her. It just means never giving her the space and opportunity to reject or say no to you.

For instance, dropping a casual text now and then or sharing something funny or thoughtful keeps you on her radar without flooding her inbox.

Flirting lightly helps maintain the spark but should be done in moderation to avoid coming on too strong.

It’s crucial to give her space, too. If you’re always around, she might not have the chance to feel your absence and anticipate meeting up or engaging in conversations.

When she starts showing interest and actively engaging, that’s a clear sign to continue pursuing. Don’t be afraid to seize the opportunity if she reaches out or initiates.

Pull the trigger.

Older hot women know the deal. They’re not teens waiting to be taken advantage of.

When they go out with you, they’ve probably thought about jumping on your dick. So what do you do when you meet up with her? Just chill. No need to make aggressive moves. She’s already there with you.

Just keep it smooth and sweet. Tell her lovely things that could make her smile but also make her panties wet. “I like how beautiful you look tonight.” It can sound cheesy, but it works.

The plan? Get her back to your place. Or better, invite her over or come over to her place. Maybe she needs help changing a light bulb. Create excuses. That’s all they need—an excuse for her to be alone with you.

Once you get her alone, you can be more physical and sexual. Make out with her. Touch her waist. Hug her. But pull back from time to time. This will make her panties soaking wet. She’ll be the one to drag your ass to the bedroom.

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