How To Fuck Two Girls In a Day

how to fuck two girls in a day

You can fuck more than two girls in a day. Even more than you want. It’s totally possible.

But hey, the reality is that some guys are on a long, dry spell. They can even get laid for months or years.

The question is, why do some guys seem to be having sex all the time? They don’t have a steady girlfriend, but you can sense that they get to pound free pussy all the time.

Like Joel from accounting, he acts like a dork. But I know he gets to fuck around. That’s why I became buddies with him. He told me about the time that he got to fuck Desirae, the receptionist at our office parking lot. All while waiting for Marie, the clerk he had invited for dinner.

He told me Desirae’s pussy is much sweeter. But Marie’s blowjob is much sloppier.

Can this happen? Can this happen to you? Get to fuck two chicks in a day? Maybe even get blowjobs from two different women.

Hookup With Two Women In A Day

how to have sex with two women in a day

Meet more women

There’s no secret. But you have to meet more women.

Let’s say you’ve just been talking to a girl, and she agreed to be your fuck buddy. Well, that’s just one pussy. You need more pussy.

Use everything in your power to increase the number of women you can fuck.

Use dating apps. Swipe right to hot chicks on there. Use social media. Message them.

One of the best ways? Approach women. Women aren’t approached nowadays. It’ll brighten up her day. It’ll be easier to get a date with her since she already vibed with you.

Eh, but you don’t need to date them. Just hang out with them. Hanging out that should result in sex. So when you hang out, hang out somewhere private like her place or yours, or in your car.

This step takes a lot of time. But over time, it will yield good results. Let’s say on the lowest, you only get to meet one girl a week. It’s still eight girls in two months.

But you have plenty of opportunities to meet girls. You can meet girls at the bakery, laundry shop, cafes, or office building where you work. And yeah, dating apps.

You can get to meet two or three women a week. Easy. Now, you need to get them to want you.

Know their schedules

If you want to fuck two girls in a day, then you should know their schedules.

I first discovered this when I met up with a chick. She gave me a blowjob in my car. Swallowed my cum. It was late at night, and she needed to go home as she still had work tomorrow morning. Nurse schedule. So now, what am I going to do?

I called up another chick to suck my dick. I got to feel four titties and get my dick sucked by two different mouths.

It wasn’t exhausting. It was exhilarating.

I tried to do it again, but the schedules don’t align. This is why you need to ask about your girls’ schedules. So you know who’s free and who’s not.

First, meet more women, so you should have a lot of options. Then, ask about their schedules. Find out who’s available. And when one isn’t, you now have another bitch that can fill in for her.

Define The Relationship

The first thing that you need to communicate is that you’re a trustworthy guy. Someone they can rely on. You should be someone whom women see comfort. Someone who listens to them.

Why is that? Women know when a guy would just pump and dump them. You shouldn’t be like that, even if you’re after sex.

If you want regular sex, then these women should be able to rely on you. They want safe, discreet, rough, wild sex. And by safe, that means still treating them with respect outside the bedroom.

So establish that first. That you’re the guy that is honest and dependable.

After that, always let them know that you’re a fuckboy. That means that you’re a sexual guy. You may have chicks on the side. And you’re letting her know that she doesn’t own you.

You’re honest from the start. You like to fuck. You don’t just fuck her. But you stick your dick in other pussies. This will keep her in place. That she’s one of your bitches. Loyal bitches.

Meet your sluts regularly

If you want to keep your bitches loyal and not jealous of your other chicks, then you should meet with them regularly. If you don’t do this, they’ll find other men who can fulfill their needs, even if they’re so into you.

Meet them whenever you can. At least once a week. It doesn’t matter if you meet another chick earlier. You need to do her a favor.

This is how you can get to have sex with two women regularly. Keep them on a leash. When you want to fuck, you can always hit them up so you can come over, or she can come over.

Keep women wanting

You can do this by being their play boyfriend. Acting like a boyfriend but not defining the relationship. You’ll keep these women wanting more and more.

Imagine you get to fuck their pussy and use their mouths. But you aren’t their boyfriend. You get boyfriend privileges without the relationship. Doing this over and over and over, they get invested.

But these women need a return on their investment. That’s why you meet them regularly. Give them a good boyfriend experience. Give them gifts if needed. Tell them words of affection. Do them favors. If they want a date, give them a date.

Wrap Up

If you want to fuck two or more girls in a day, you need to know many women. Not just a handful. At least ten women. Keep them in your rotation.

Now you have to make these women want you, like crazy. Be someone they can depend on. These women should see you as someone trustworthy. Be a friend. A real friend she can rely on. Now, do that while communicating that you’re a sexual being.

You’re a guy that wants sex. And can get sex. That’s how they should see you. If they don’t give you sex, you can get it from other women. That’s why they’re going to provide you with sex, so you stay with them. But they should know that they can’t keep you.

Once you get these women on a leash, learn about their schedules. Who’s available to suck your cock, and who’s ready to get their pussies pounded? By then, you’ll know how to line up the schedules so you can fuck two girls in a day.

Your task is to increase the number of women you talk to. How many girls are you talking to right now?

Then, get to seduce them and have sex with them one by one. By then, you should know their schedules.

Learn to keep these women loyal to you by treating them great.

Now when you are horny, you know which to call. And when she’s not enough, you have enough women to be your backup bitch.

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