She Also Has to Attract You

The Girl Also Has To Attract You

Women need to attract you to. You should not do all the hard parts. That’s one thing that most guys forget.

You should not put all the effort. She also has to bring something to the table.

Most of the dating advice that you will see, hear and read out there focuses too much on men. That men must improve themselves all the time. There’s no harm in that. There’s nothing wrong with trying to be the right guy for the women. There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve our looks, having confidence, and knowing the right words to say. But men spend too much of their time, money, and effort on these things. That they often forget that the girl also has to make an effort to portray to you that she is also the best girl for you. Not just in looks. But also with her personality and outlook in life.

Think about the last girl that you noticed but didn’t worked out. As men, we always tend to look at the most physically attractive girl. But then it things change when you get to know her. You discover about how she acts. You know more about her personality. You find out the things that she wants and doesn’t wants. The bottomline is. You guys had differences. And maybe tons of differences that attraction can’t hold it together.

Now think about another scenario where you met a girl. She just swept you off your feet from the very start. You find her physically attractive. And no matter what she says you still find her nice. The best part is you like the things that she likes. And she also likes the things that you like. You just get along together. Aside from that, you both are sexually attracted to each other. It’s like the stars have aligned.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be the best guy out there. There’s also nothing wrong if you are not compatible with the girl that you physically like. Getting to know each other takes time. And if you are both attached to each other by then, then you’ve probably want to take a chance at the lottery tomorrow, because you’re winning at life.

Don’t settle for anything less. Remember that you will want to have a long term relationship with that girl. If she makes you happy, and you make her happy, then you fulfill each other’s life.

It’s okay to move on to the next girl if the one you’re talking to doesn’t bring the best in you. She’s not the only hot girl out there. You just need to open your eyes and see and you are surrounded by beautiful women. With different personalities and charm.

You could talk to a hell of an attractive woman. But the vibe isn’t there. It’s okay to move on. Find someone that you can vibe with mentally and just attracted to physically. Remember that physical attraction can wear off. People get old. They won’t look the same 5 or 10 years from now. You need also to connect with women on an emotional level. Find someone that will fulfill that.

Don’t settle for the girl who you just ended with because she’s the first girl that found you attractive. You need to have standards. You should also choose her, not because she’s your only choice. But because you like her the way she is. And you think that she’s the best girl for you.

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