The Reason Why Trump Lost

Trump leaving the white house after losing his reelection

Trump is all talk.

Nothing to back it up.

He’s just winging it.

He could’ve backed it all up. He has all the funding and the power of the government. But he did not do anything. He thought that everything will just fall into place. What he did not realize is that he must do something for anything to happen.

Trump is like the cool guy girls will have sex with. But after that and they’ve seen his real self. Then they’ll leave. Women will realize that he has no substance.

Why am I saying this? What’s the importance of this?

When you are learning about dating and seduction, you will encounter a lot of social skills and techniques. You will know about how to talk, how to act, etc. Those attraction tactics will bring you to the door. They will open opportunities. But what happens after?

Don’t be the guy that is all talk. What can you bring to the table? Is there something more than your smooth talk?

Let’s say you can impress women. You can moist their panties. But can you back it all up. Can you progress from there? What will you do afterward? And how can you maintain it? How can you keep her as a girlfriend or a fuck buddy? Can you do that?

Don’t just rely on attraction and seduction skills. You must also build your core values. You must develop other areas of your life. Don’t be that guy who is just winging it, waiting to be lucky. Start building yourself. Not just on the outside.

Don’t be just an act. Be someone who can back it all up. Someone who can bring results.

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