The Girl You Like Will Go Out And Have Sex With Another Guy. Not With You. Here’s Why.

Pursue the girl that you like

You met a girl. An officemate? A classmate? A friend of a friend? Whatever the case may be. You got a chance to talk to her for a little while. She seems nice.

You went home and you realize that she might have been a catch. So maybe you’ll try to pursue her the next time you meet her.

Then you meet again. You tried but there’s just a lot of things that are happening. She’s talking to other people. She’s with the group. Having a good laugh with the group. You can’t find a chance to get her alone.

At the end of the day, nothing happened. So you went home and jerked off.

You tell yourself that you will try next time. That you will ask her out.
So you meet your friends again. The girl you like isn’t there yet. She’s probably running late. Then you’re friend came and was excited to tell you a story.

He said you would not believe what happened. He pulled up his phone and showed you pictures of him and the girl you like. In bed. Kissing. Being sweet with each other.

You get jealous. Then you get mad. You excused yourself by telling your friend that you need to make an important call.

What did the hell happen?

The girl you like. The girl that you always think about. Is now with your friend.

It’s all because you took your time. You did not take the shot. You felt no urgency to take action. But someone did. And now you’re sulking alone.

It’s nobody’s fault really. Luck just wasn’t on your side. But you could’ve done something.

The next time that you like a girl. Pursue her immediately.

You will give yourself a lot of excuses. You’ll tell yourself that she’s not that kind of girl. Or You’re waiting for that perfect moment.

But the more time you waste; is the more that she is being asked out by many guys.

Women have a lot of options. There are many men chasing the girl that you like.

If you don’t talk to her someone else will. If you don’t take her out on a date, then someone else will. She will fuck another guy. Someone else’s dick will be inside the mouth of the girl you like.

Do you want that to happen? Then shoot your shot. You might get rejected. But at least you gave it a try.

Now if you want to increase your chance of success. Then you need to learn the rules of the game. You should know how you can get any girl interested in you. You should know how to make any girl want to fuck.

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