Teacher I’d Love to Fuck

Here’s a letter from Mark.

I’m in college and need to attend this math class. So the teacher looks ok. She looks like a MILF. She’s probably above her 30’s. But the best thing is when she looks aways from the class and write on the board. That’s when her ass is in full view.

You see her boobs are like a C. Nice to look at. But her ass? They’re huge. Not humongous. But a good type of huge. It’s like a pillow where’d you want to bury her face.

Anyway, she’s kinda hard on me cause I keep failing my quizzes. And I’m kind of always late in her class. So she always talks to me after class. Every time we talk she holds my arms. I always get an instant boner. Good thing my briefs hide it. I wonder if she ever notices it.

Anyway, I passed. But I still see her in the corridors and hallways from time to time. I always say hi and she acts always busy.

I learned Kinetic Attraction during these times. I thought that since I was in college I might as well get the best of it. To fuck college sluts.

But every time I see my teacher I always get an instant boner. I always wondered what it would be like to fuck her. So I tried to put to use Kinetic Attraction. It could get any girl’s attention even before you approach them. I get close to her and without even opening my mouth she reached for my arm. Like she used to when she always talks to me after class.

She asks how I was. And how I was doing. She says she has another class right now but she’d like to catch up afterward. I was surprised. Like what the fuck. Is this really happening? I don’t know. Maybe she just wants to catch up and she’s just being friendly.

So after an hour, we met up at the same location. She said she needed to place her things in her car. She carries a bunch of materials. We walk to the parking lot and as soon as we’re there she told me to come inside.

As soon as my doors close, she leaned in. She did not go for the kiss. It’s like she’s waiting for something. She was teasing. I hear her breath getting heavy. My heart’s beating faster every second. Her caressing my legs isn’t helping. Then her hands climbed up to my crotch.

She said I was a bad student. We’re now role-playing. I guess she likes this as she’s an authority figure. But fuck it. I’d like to dominate her. For once I’d like to have power over her. I placed my hand behind her head, grasping her hair, and controlling her.

Do you like this? I asked. She said, yes. I unzipped my pants and shoved her to my dick. Damn, that feels nice.

This went on for years. Even if I have a college girlfriend. She knows about it. And she’s okay with it. She said there’s just something about me. She can’t define it but she’s just compelled to follow my every command.

I fuck my girlfriend in her dorm room and I go to my ex-teacher afterward. This is college life. Thanks to Kinetic Attraction.

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