Many Women Find You Attractive

Men always focus on girls that they like. That they ignore other women. Even if those women also look attractive.

You see, when men get fixated on a woman, they try all sorts of things to get her to notice him. They try to act like what they see in the movies. They put her on a pedestal.

What are the things that they do? One is giving her too much attention. They give her gifts. Money. Things. They try to show that he is devoted to her. That she will be the only woman that they look at. That’s wrong.

It’s just creepy to put so much effort into giving one girl all your attention. Why would you waste so much time and energy without getting anything in return. Just to prove to her that you are the right guy for her?

There will be women that like you and women that won’t. It doesn’t mean that you should focus on women that like you. It just means that if your efforts are not reciprocated towards women that you like. There’s always an option to go for other women. There’s plenty. And don’t you dare say that the girl that you like is special. She’s not. She’s not of a kind.

If you’ve put in the effort and she doesn’t like you then you need to move on. If you’ve shown her your best self and she’s not into it, then you should move on.

Don’t tell her that she’s crazy or that she’s a slut just because she rejected you. The best thing is to move forward. Find someone who will like you. Because there are many. All you need is to take action. How many women have you talked to today?

Start talking to a lot of women. There will be those that will be attracted to you. There will be those that will treat you only as a friend. There will be those that will be so anxious to be with you. Because they want to be with you. Be with those kind of women.

Don’t just go for hot girls. There are also other women. Not hot. But attractive. Women have different type of attractiveness. Go for someone who will always tickle your bone.

There are a lot of women. A lot of variety. If you are a fuckboy, then you can take advantage of this and taste a lot of women. If you are into monogamous relationships and want to find a significant other then there is always someone for you. You don’t have to be fixated in one girl. There are many more far attractive and better. Find them and you’ll have a happy social life.

Stop impressing the bad women. Some may be hot but have bad personality. It’s even a waste of time to talk to them.

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Yes, women can be difficult. You like her but she doesn’t like you. But is it true? Do you know if a woman is being fake about not liking you. Some women play hard to get. Some want you to give more effort. Etc.

The thing is, some men give up too easily too.

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