I’m Getting Good Responses From Women

Check out this story that was sent to us by a client.

Months ago I could not even talk to women.

I ran out of food so I decided to go to the nearest Target. It’s just a few items so I’d be done in an hour max.

I was looking for the shortest line to line up to when I saw her. I noticed this cute cashier girl. Her smile looks good on her and she seems friendly. She definitely caught my eye. Approaching her never entered my mind. But I subconsciously lined up at her counter.

There I was just looking at her while she beeped my items. She looks much prettier up close. I asked her how’s her day going so far. She says it’s alright. Not that busy.

I left. I was like. Was that it? It was only small talk. I figured that I won’t lose anything if I get back and ask for her number.

I walked back in. Good thing she’s vacant. I pretended that I forgot an item. She asked me what is it? I told her that I think left her number there. And maybe I could borrow it. She giggled.

She said it was sweet. But said she has a boyfriend.

It was nerve-wracking but it was worth it. I composed myself while going back to my car. It was a good experience.

Putting myself out there was the best thing that I did lately.

The cashier may just be friendly, but at least I went out of my comfort zone.

I’m still young. 25. I still have a lot of things to learn. It was nice. But now I know where I need to focus.

Every time I go to Target I see to it that I can check out the pretty girls around me. There’s always an opportunity. All I needed was to act. I never knew this was so easy.

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