I Tried the Numbers Game with Women

Here’s a letter from Phil.

So I thought I tried to increase my chances of having sex by increasing the number of girls I talked to. Surely one would stop and engage with me, right?

Okay, so I did it. Here’s what I found. At first, I wasn’t getting any success. Like I’m getting only one good response out of twenty. I won’t even consider it good. It’s like, she’s just being polite.

So I asked myself. What could I be doing or not doing? Why are some men getting girls and I only get so few.

I tried to change what I wear. I started showering every day. I thought it would make a difference. Yeah, it did. But I still needed something more.

I started going to the gym. Plus a good haircut. That did make a clear difference. A good stylist is a must.

So my odds increased from 1 out of 20 going to 1 out of 10. Surely I was doing something right. But again, how could I make it better?

That’s when I learned about Kinetic Attraction. Instead of me going for a girl, I had the ability to make women go after me.

How was it even possible? How could I attain pop star influence in front of girls while still remaining an average guy?

My friend shared with me Kinetic Attraction. This after I pestered him about how he gets a lot of women every time we go out. I don’t mean that he gets to go home with multiple women. It’s just that he’s consistently sleeping with one everytime we go out.

So he said that this method works even before you open your mouth. How? It all starts with your body language, what you convey, your social status, etc. I thought it was bullshit. That it’s the same old pick up advice. Until I got myself a copy.

I won’t lose anything so I gave it a try. Even though all this method is new to me. It was easy. I was surprised that more women are responding positively to me.

Even though most are not sleeping with me that night, they still wanted to meet up with me like a day or two after. I was never running out of women to have sex with. It was a game changer.

I no longer need to desperately hunt for women. They’re abundantly available everywhere. I could have sex any time I want.

I could ramble on about how this helped me, but you can check it out for yourself. Judge it by your own standards. Take a look at the link below.

Kinetic Attraction

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