Do You Know How Easy it is to Get Laid?

So I met this girl at a party. She seems chill. A seven perhaps, but it’s okay. I invited her to walk around to get her more comfortable. We exchanged stories here and there.

I asked her about the other guys she’s been with. She’s quite a player herself. Fucked some random dudes. So I guess I need to teach her a lesson. Told her to hang with me in the car. She obliged.

I want to know more about her experiences and if it’ll jive with my sexual wants. So I asked her if she likes it rough. Turns out she does but her past partners aren’t that into it. So I guess I’ll give her what she wants and treat her good.

I quickly grabbed her boob that made her startle a bit but she eased down immediately. Can’t wait to do nasty stuff to those boobs.

I made her open up my pants. Just like unwrapping a gift for christmas and poof my dick comes out. Told the bitch to caress that dick. She can’t wait to swallow the whole thing and asked for permission. I declined and shoved her face to my balls. Like a good girl she sucks it ferociously just like I wanted. She wants to get up but nope. I push her face more to my nuts. Pulled her hair and head up when I was satisfied.

Asked her if she’s a good girl and she said no she’s a bad girl. Bitch wants to fight so I shoved her again to my balls. My dick on the back of her head. Now this time I want to hear that she’s a good girl. Damn bitch still say’s she’s a bad girl and I slapped the shit out of her. She moans every time I slap her. So now I slap her boobs and her pussy too. Man, the moans get louder. I guess she came to her senses when she said that she’s now a good girl.

To reward her I pull her in and wrap my arms around her neck. I chocked the shit out of her. She was struggling but eventually broke free. I guess there was too much force. We laughed at it and I said I now know how much force to put and we did it again. Bitches like to get chocked.

Nowadays every girl under 25 wants that shit. They want all that slap, choke, and fake rape, and gag on some cock. She said that only if I had rope with me that she’s love to get tied up.

Too bad, but I’ not out of tricks. Bitches like to get spitted on. I told her to open my mouth. Boom, spew some spit on it. Also spit on her face and tits.

I guess she can suck my dick now. So I relaxed a bit and stayed quiet just waiting for her whore reflexes to kick in. Guess what, she immediately grab a hold of my dick and gag on it. No need to tell her what to do. I guess she’s a good girl now.

I did not forget to slap my cock on her face. Man I love doing that but she love’s it more. She’s begging to slap that dick hard on her face.

That did go on for like an hour so I said hey let’s move to the back seat. If you know how car sex is, it’s not the most conducive for coitus. I can now slide my dick inside that pussy. Another hour of that and now I can blow my load. In my experience if you withhold cumming for a long time then you can blow a lot of cum. I sprayed a bunch of my juice on her face and immediately shoved my dick in her mouth so that I can drown her in my holy water. Dick stays there for a while so that she can also clean it. She swallowed it all. What a good girl in did. Spitters are for quitters.

Spitters are for quitters

I dressed up but told her not to wipe that cum on her face. I made her walk outside with cum dripping on her chin. That grin across her face was lovely.

She said she never experienced rough sex just like I did to her. I made her my slut that night. Guess what. My phoned just beeped. She wants to meet again. I should have made her beg for it but I also want some tight pussy grip my dick tonight. Can’t wait to slap this cock on her face. I’m also not forgetting my rope. I want to tie that slut up so that she struggles more every time we do something nasty.

If you want to experience that kind of sex with good girls then you can do so. But what if you aren’t getting any lately? When was the last time you got laid? A year, or years perhaps? You need to cure that dry spell. It is easy to get laid. It is easy to have sex with women. You can do it tonight. Not sure if you can? I’ll share with you some secrets that I haven’t laid out here. These are the surefire ways, techniques, methods, and secret psychology that I use to get laid. Do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill? Don’t be a wimp and take this red pill for more sex with hot girls. Ill wait for you on the other side. 

Get Laid Now

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