Dating is Dead

Back in the old days, meeting a soul mate wasn’t that complicated. Maybe someone introduces you to each other. Maybe you build up the courage to talk to that person. If you people get along then it’s a wonderful start. You started dating. As in actual dating. The act of going out and spending time together. Maybe you pick her up at her home and take her to the movies or have a dinner at a restaurant, not just KFC. By the end of the date, you bring her home. If all things went well you get a kiss by the door on the front porch.

If the guy or the girl is not into it, it also ends there. They talk about it. If they’d like to see each other again then they can call each other. They can date a couple more times to see where things go. Some end getting married in just a couple of dates. People are getting married pretty young back then. The funny thing is they don’t get divorced. They stick together.

What I’ve stated above is highly the opposite of the dating game nowadays. When was the last time you picked up a girl at her home while her father is staring at you in the face? Nowadays the people just ‘hang out’? They don’t see the movies or go out for a dinner date? Some still do but that rarely happens. They just hang out on the couch or on the bed. Netflix and chill anyone? After hanging out, they could be hooking up. By hooking up it means having casual sex. No commitments. We just had sex it doesn’t mean anything.  We can still be friends.

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What are we?

Boys and girls could be hanging out with a lot of people at the same time. They could also be hooking up with different people at the same time.

Now how do these people meet each other? Easy. Hookup apps. They just swipe right and left to see who they do like or don’t like respectively.

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Girls could be sucking Randy’s dick today and Luke’s dick by tomorrow. They’re just having fun. No commitments. That comes after the talk or what they call the DTR.

DTR means Define the Relationship. That’s another thing that’s complicated. It is when one of the party asked the other the dreaded question. What are we? They could be monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, and other things we have no idea about. For simple terms, are they exclusively dating each other and only each other or will they be seeing other people? Sometimes the hanging out stage stops there too. Like, no we should stop seeing each other anymore. Sad. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You should have the ability to get girls attracted to you all the time.

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What now?

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What does this benefit you? It means that sex is accessible and you can make any girl want to fuck you. There’s no more excuse. If a girl is rejecting you, then you should evaluate your personality and the way you approach women. Perhaps you’re being a nice guy? Girls don’t like that.

You can fuck MILFs or Girls with big boobs and no one’s gonna stop you. The only one that can limit you is yourself. You can fuck two girls a day or multiple women at the same time. The question is are you? What’s keeping you from having sex with the hottest girls in your area?

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Still can’t fuck girls?

If you’re still struggling and don’t know what’s wrong then maybe we can help. Are you trying to talk to women but they’re not responding good? Are you wanting to just hang out but they have all the excuse? Let’s find out what you’re doing wrong. Have you subscribed to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold and still not having any god damn matches?

Through years of research we’ve developed techniques and methods where you can hookup with any hot girl that you desire. Our forbidden seduction method has helped thousands through the years. Better than tinder or any hookup apps.

It’s easy. All you need to do is ask 3 questions and you’ll get laid. Instantly. Girls are even going to be the one chasing after you. No more hard work. They’ll openly offer you themselves just for a chance to bed you. It’s almost like cheating but isn’t. Are you willing to know more about this system to attract girls? This is much better than any hookup app.

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Is it effective?

If it is not then why are big corporations trying to stop us. They don’t like you finding out about our stealth attraction method. Why? They’d like to go back to traditional dating. Yeah it has it’s pluses but it doesn’t benefit you.

If you can easily fuck any girl then you don’t exactly need marriage. Yes that’s an option but the possibility is that you can opt out. You can fuck girls any day any time. Just use the loophole in female psychology that we discovered. You just need to protect yourself. Always wear a condom and make sure that you don’t put your willy in crazy.

Just sit back and let girls approach you and make you want to have sex with her. It’s like pointing a magnet to a girl and she instantly becomes attracted. Learn this method how to fuck girls. Let’s show you the way.

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What we need from you

If you are serious about changing your dating and sex life for the better then we need to trust you on some certain things.

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Keep this trick confidential. You can share it to someone you know only if you trust that person. Give him access only if you know he’s struggling with getting the girl of his dreams. This method can be dangerous on the wrong hands. Only a few in your area can have access. This is a way for it falling in the wrong people.

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