Dates are Not as Difficult as I Thought

Another letter from a client.

I was always anxious and nervous when Inviting women out. It’s like if they reject me then my self-worth goes plummeting down. I don’t want to feel that way.

It’s not that I need approval. I just don’t want to be seen as some loser. Add to the fact that I am finding it difficult to find girls to invite out for a date.

Anyway. Ever since I got good reactions from women I thought about inviting them over for coffee or something.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

I don’t need to impress women. Though I need to be presentable, one must not need to exert too much effort in trying to get a girl to like them.

Here’s how I approached dating before. When girls have bad reactions or comments I react to those. I feel like I need to prove to them that this date was worth it. It’s like I always need to be stressed about things.

I always give an effort. But then I realize what do I get in return. I’m just making myself look like a fool. These women will never text me back after this.

So in the end said. Fuck this. I just made sure that we were having fun. If she has some negative comments I ignore them. This is my life and nobody should kill my vibe.

It also helps to think that these women are not goddesses. They should not be put on a pedestal. They said we should be equal to women. So that’s how I treat them. Not some princess that needs to be pampered.

I also stopped using some gimmicks and routines from pickup artists or dating advice gurus. My mind is getting overwhelmed by all these things that I need to do. Again, I just try to have fun yet, be charming.

I try to show women my good qualities through my stories. I also try to get to know them. I want to know if it’s worth my time to pursue them to be my girlfriend.

Something that I learned that it helps to be a man of good quality. It does not matter if I’m not rich or handsome. But what matters is I have my affairs in order. So being financially independent and learning how to take good care of yourself works. Kinetic Attraction is just an added bonus to take things to the next level faster and smoother.

I hope that you also find dating fun. I’m pretty satisfied with my dating life lately. Unlike before where I’m so afraid of losing my chance with a girl.

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