Can I date girls even if I’m MGTOW?

Do you want to know if you can still date girls even if you’re MGTOW? The short answer is yes. If you’re new to mgtow then maybe you’re wondering if dating is aligned from its core beliefs or not. We’re here to clarify some things so that you can fulfill a happy life with a mgtow lifestyle.

What is MGTOW?

MGTOW is an acronym. It simple means Men Going Their Own Way. Men deviating from the norms of society that is to get a job, get married, and have kids. But with the mistreatment from that kind of lifestyle it’s just logical to stay away from it.

Men would get a job and girls would expect men to pay for their expenses. If they get married then they might separate and the wife gets half of his hard earned wealth. What’s sadder is that even maybe during the course of marriage is that the girl is cheating on her husband. She’s living a lavish, lustful life while the husband is grinding everyday trying to get food on the table. But enough of that. I won’t dig deep on the issues. I’m just here to answer a simple question.

Can guys still get it on with women even if they’re mgtow. Can they still have sex with women? Of course they can. MGTOW in a literal sense just means men doing the things that they think is whats best for them. So if they think what will bring them happiness is having regular sex then so be it.

My experience

I don’t date nowadays. Date as in the movie/tv portrayal of it where a guy picks up the girl at home and they go out to get some dinner. Most of the time I just meet up with them and see if we click or not.

Speed dating is like that. You get an alloted time to talk to the opposite sex and see if you guys are a match. One opportunity with a match depends upon the speed dating organizer. You could get a minute to 5 minutes etc.

I just gauge if we can be a good match. I observe if our values align. If not we can say our goodbyes and say that it was all good.

Where to go

There are a lot of resources for the MGTOW lifestyle. You can try reddit, facebook, or some forums in their own websites.

A lot will discourage you from the lifestyle and say that they’re misogynistic or anti female. No it’s not. MGTOW is just about men looking out for themselves and wanting to have the best experience this life has to offer.

Also, keep it to yourself. People who don’t understand will shun you. There’s a saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. So don’t go preaching. If they want to know more they will reach out.

Getting Girls

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Whether you want a woman free life or not, it is up to you. No one has a say on how you live your life. Do the things that you enjoy without harm to other people. And if you want to have girls by your side from time to time, then it’s definitely okay.

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