Covid 19 Vaccine Got Me Laid

With Covid-19 it was hard to meet and fuck women. Malls are empty. You can’t dine in restaurants. Cinemas are closed. So where do I meet to fuck girls?

Good thing I had a roster before the lockdown went down. I got to call my hoes anytime I got horny.

Anyway, covid-19 helped me got laid. Not the virus. But when I was getting the vaccine.

I got my schedule and went to line up early. There were a few people.

I never thought that this could happen. I only saw it in movies. Where a guy could sweep a girl off her feet. But it happened to me.

She was cute. She was in the line next to me. I kind of noticed her when she was outside. So my eyes followed her. I did not want to appear a creep so I distanced myself and used the other line.

My eyes can’t help it. They kept looking at her. Soon our eyes locked on each other. I smiled. She did too.

I never noticed it but she was with a friend. A girl friend. They were chatting. I did not see her friend maybe because I was focused on her.

So we both got our shots. Good thing is that we sat next to each other after. The universe is making it easy.

We had small talk. She introduced me to her friend. Turns out they are workmates. Their company requires them to get a shot.

I did flirt a little with her friend. Not so over the top. Just to make things cool.

I told her she looks nice. And she would look better If we hang out sometime. She said yes. Can’t believe it worked. We exchanged numbers.

I met her that night. I told her I needed a break from work and I could use a breather. She invited me over.

I came to her place. She opened the door. She’s wearing leggings and long sleeves shirt. Those leggings look good on her butt. A billion things run through my head about how I’m going to slap that ass.

The process was so simple. She offered me food. We ate. And once we finished we went to the couch.

We’re close. Touching each other’s body. Nothing malicious. The key is to not think that this is a bad approach.

I put my arms around her while we look at memes. We laughed and laughed. I like her humor.

She went up to grab snacks. Here’s where the magic happened.

I told her don’t go. I grabbed her by the waist and hugged her from behind. She’s standing I’m sitting.

She faced me and sat on my lap. Stared at me and started making out. She paused a little. Told me that she was waiting for this kiss for an hour already.

Clothes came flying. And the cute girl I met earlier is now lying in bed with cum on her tummy.

She’s taking a nap from the rough sex we had. Now here I am writing this.

I don’t want all the fun things to be centered around me. I want you to experience the best things in life. You can have your own sexual adventure.

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