8 Types of Women

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8 Types of Women - Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box System
Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box System – 8 Types of Women

There are many dating advice out there but why is it that men still find it hard to meet and get the woman that they like?

Truth is, we generalize women and the techniques perse instead of differentiating them like the Pandoras Box 8 Types of Women. We think that one technique that worked with one woman would also work with another. In terms of dating techniques, tactics, and strategies, we think that one size fits all.

This is where the struggle of men in continuing their journey to success with women comes to play. Surely one could have success on some nights but not on others. Why is that?

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box system tells you exactly why. It tells you that there are 8 types of women and that there’s no one size fits all approach to dating and attracting women. This is the accidental discovery in the female mind.

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s box system will teach you the specific ways on how you can attract any of the 8 types of women. It will tell you the exact steps to induce in order to make any girl want you and how to make any girl want to fuck you, all the 8 types of women.

Learn the 8 Types of Women

What Are the 8 Types of Women

First, watch the video below that is personally brought to you by Vin DiCarlo the creator of the Pandora’s Box A Guide to the Female Mind and the discoverer of the 8 types of women. Click to play.

Find out about Vin DiCarlo’s 8 Types of Women and the whole Pandora’s Box Program.
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The Playette

The Playette is a Tester, Denier, Idealist type of girl. This girl among the 8 Types of Women never settles for anything less.

You may know hot girls who never had a boyfriend since birth, but she knows the drill. Once she knows that you just want to bed her you’re out.

The playette may have a lot of guys courting her, as for that she doesn’t want other people (especially girls) to be judging her that is why she is cautious and that she doesn’t want to be labeled a slut.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly is Tester, Justifier, Idealist type of girl.

All of us know about the girl who always likes to party. She’s in every event, on every hangout, at every hotspot, and at any place where there’s a cool party where guys and girls meet.

You will somehow see her with a group, talking with a guy, but then you just turned your head for a moment and she’s now sitting on another guy’s lap.

But here’s the thing… She’s your type.

Is she always like that? Flirting with just about any guy she bumped with?

The good news is that deep down she still wants that prince charming where she could spend some time with.

Much like the playette, the social butterfly would ditch you once she knows that you’re just in to bang her. But this doesn’t mean that an aggressive approach would not work on her.

The Hopeful Romantic

The Hopeful Romantic is the type that is more old-fashioned.  She dreams about a guy coming into her life and sweeping her feet.

The hopeful romantic is more of a daydreamer. She just wants to have that guy to be with, whom she can spend some time with, and whom she can give her part of life with.

If this is your kind of girl among the 8 types of women then there’s one thing you can have when you want her to want you; Sincerity and willingness to be there beside her.

The Hopeful Romantic has the Investor, Denier, Idealist characteristics.

The Cinderella

The Cinderella, like the Hopeful romantic, also wishes for her knight in shining armor to come true. The difference is that even is very passionate and may engage in situations that a hopeful romantic may not agree with.

If you can show a Cinderella that you can be a good candidate for a long-term relationship then you’re in a good place. A sense of adventure is also a plus when pursuing a Cinderella.

She has an Investor, Justifier, Idealist characteristic.

The Private Dance

Much like the playette, she may have a lot of guys orbiting around her. But she turns them all down. She hopes for that guy that really stands out to come around. She doesn’t have all the time in the world to entertain them one by one which is why she just keeps shutting them down. Meanwhile, she would just spend her time with her passion as she knows that even though a guy may not still be with her she knows how to take care of herself.

She has the Tester, Denier, and Realist characteristics.

The Seductress

This, among the Pandoras Box’s 8 types of women is very confident in everything that she does. She knows the game and is very good at playing it.

Once a guy is done she moves on to the next candidate. She clearly knows who has got game and one who doesn’t and clearly she wants one who does have one.

In order to have a piece of the seductress, you need to have a stronger presence with her. That means you also come along as a fun sexual guy, who is very passionate about what he does, and is also looking for that girl that could prove that not all girls are the same.

She gets to be a Tester, Justifier, and Realist.

The Connoisseur

The nice thing about a  connoisseur is that she will give time for a guy and that she also focuses on her career, job, or passion.

The connoisseur can be a good bet as she likes to take care of her man a  knows her way to do it. But even though she will entertain guys it is unlikely that she would have sex immediately with any of them. She would like to let the guy know that he must first prove himself in a way. It is not that she will withhold sex, she just wants to make sure that you are not just after it.

She has Investor, Denier, and Realist characteristics.

The Modern Woman

The modern woman may sound too good to be true. She is independent,  she is practical and she is also into casual fun.

The modern woman is very open-minded in a way that she gives guys a chance to prove to her that they can be a good bet in a long-term relationship. If the guy doesn’t have a job it may be somehow ok as the modern woman is into her career path and that she knows that to live in this time a woman must know how to adapt to it.

The Modern Woman is a cool chick. She is independent, probably has a good job or has ambitious goals, and takes dating with a grain of salt. She is not cynical, enjoys men, but doesn’t get overly serious unless she feels there’s a reason to be so. Essentially, she has a very healthy, real-world approach to dealing with men.

To pave your way with a modern woman you just have to be “real”. She is more likely to give guys a chance. But you have to step up your game to get a shot. Prove to her that you can be a good score in terms of long-term relationships. Show her that you are also driven by goals and ambition. You are adventurous and so as that can bring light to the relationship

The modern woman has the characteristics of being an Investor, Justifier, and Realist.

You’ve just read short descriptions about the 8 types of women. Let us now discover how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. With this, you can make any girl want to fuck. Discover how to fuck every type of girl. We reveal more on how to do this. Detailed stealth attraction tactics and methods to get you the girl that you like.

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How to Find Out What Type of Woman She is

You’ve probably noticed on the list above that we’re listing different characteristics besides each type of woman. Just like in the last type, the modern woman. She is an Investor, Justifier, Realist. what are these?

These are the different characteristics that differentiate one girl from another. You can read more about this here (3 questions that turn her on). Determine these characteristics and then you determine her type. But how?

We have included a one-minute mind-reading tactic inside the program. You can use this to determine what type of girl she is.

Is it important? Definitely is. Let’s say for example that you’re not sure if a girl is an idealist or a realist. In a gist, you’re not sure if she wants a boyfriend NOW or LATER. Some girls just like to have fun for NOW. Other girls don’t even like to play around and just want to settle down.

This is the advantage of knowing the 8 types of women are. You can tailor your attraction tactics to her state of mind. You can learn more about this forbidden stealth attraction techniques. Let us show you the way on how you can make girls lust for you.

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How To Attract the 8 Types of Women

The Advantage of knowing the different kinds of girls, the 8 types of women is that you will no longer run in circles figuring out why a certain seduction technique or sexual method doesn’t work. You will no longer feel like every effort that you give will just be put to waste. You will now have the power to make any girl want to fuck.

The Beauty of knowing the different personalities of girls is that you will know exactly how you can attract each character type. You will know her desire, her fantasy, her wanting. You will know in full detail how to get laid.

Through the use of the 3 questions that turn her on you can easily distinguish a character type from another thus you can easily use the techniques that are specific for that type of girl that you are talking to. If you know what’s her classification between the 8 types of women, you can easily know her inner desires. You can tap into that, use it to your advantage, and make her want to fuck you.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. If you can learn the whole process of how you can attract the Eight Types of Women. You can then know the ways how you can seduce them. Make any girl want you and be in bed with you. You would definitely take the chance of knowing this forbidden attraction tactic right? With this, you can make girls lust for you. You can make her want sex and get to fuck you. Get the whole system for knowing the 8 classifications of women. You can then get the strategies to get them to want you and get them addicted to you. Click the button below

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